Wednesday 2011-10-12

Spent most of the day hitting discard on posts about password lengths and things like that. Nothing I could say would help, because people are not in the mood of listening. Did spend some time going through the glibc code for md5 and sha512 password hashes. Also read the Ulrich Drepper code and first misread that there was an 80 character limit. However a rereading said that I was wrong. It looks like there are no practical limits on how long a password could be, but the worries about a DOS are overblown to any of the other input methods.

Got some disks replaced inside of one of our virtual servers. Waiting for NFS to be finished setup and then I can move the app servers around. Made Linux Weekly News quote section again.. I see someone reads these blog entries :), thanks.

Working my way through the CSS Cookbook by Christopher Schmin at the moment.. I will hopefully update my main site to beyond HTML3 soon :).

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