Tuesday 2011-10-25 / Wednesday 2011-10-26

Yesterday was a large number of interruptions so I didn't get this post done on the usual time.

The Fedora 16 Freeze started on Tuesday. If all goes well Fedora 16 will be out soon. Updated one laptop to whats in F16 and will have to rebuild it because somewhere in between something went fishy in my updates. Oh well. Worked on a couple of stuck servers in the morning. Looks like when I missed a dependency in mediawiki for svg (which pulls in half of GNOME (sigh)) and so I need to make some updates to packages.

Read through the whole move /usr -> / tree of emails and wondered where I had read this before.. oh yeah I joked about this a couple of years ago, but someone wants to do it seriously. Look if you are going to reinvent the filesystem layout REALLY do it, not some half donkey attempt.

  • Change etc to configs
  • Change bin to programs
  • Change share to data
  • Change home to user-stuff
  • Change usr to distro-stuff
  • Change local to local-stuff
And I want the bikeshed to be yellow too. Wednesday opened with some rain which if I lived 400 miles north would be 8+ inches of snow. Tasks
  • Email (lots and lots of email)
  • Got a hair cut (several actually)
  • Go over tickets for final release
  • Rebuild value01.stg
  • WCPE on Tuesday
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicles, Volume 2
  • Depeche Mode - Black Celebration
  • Genesis - Invisible Touch
  • Peter Gabriel - So

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