Tuesday 2011-10-19 / Wednesday 2011-10-20

Tyr's day

So Tuesday was mainly dealing with Big Blue Room IRQ's. Termite inspection that showed house was ok. Having to deal with preteen school drama. In the end, I got another app server moved to our KVM systems and will have only 3 more to do this week. 2 are going to be harder than I wish because when bapp goes down we are SOL for a while.

Wodin's day

So today started off walking the dog and realizing that with my coat and not shaving.. I didn't look much different from the transients living in the arroyo. No wonder no one wanted to come near me. A shower and shave later.. I still need to do something about my coat (its an old cloth jacket which is super comfortable.)

Booked travel to January FUDcon. Put in the receipts and everything! Worked through a ton of email... and hit the big D quite a bit to avoid drama of various sorts. I got app02 moved over to another box.

  • Loreena McKennitt - Elemental
  • Phil Collins - No Jacket Required
  • Rush - Power Windows
  • Sting - The Dream of the Blue Turtles

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