Grumpy Man Report: Why US Taxes will have to go up

Taxes are going to have to go up because the US has to pay off its debts at some point. No matter what snake-oil politicians and some economists will tell you, a nation can't continue to borrow forever any more than a family can. As a nation, we have spent trillions of our children's money on our current happiness.. and eventually we will have to pay for it with interest. And we have not only squandered our children's futures, but we have heavily borrowed from countries that rarely have our nation been 'good friends' with. Personally, I think thats a base form of treason, but I am a grumpy old man here.

The only solution I see are the following guidelines:

  1. We (every citizen of the US) are responsible for our nation's debt. We voted in the people who spent the money, we didn't get enough people to oppose it in the past, and in general we have been happy with all the things they bought us. That's our fault, and we have to take responsibility for that. Vote for people who promise to work for a balanced budget AND a removal of the US's past debt, keep on them to stick to their promise, and vote them out if they don't follow through.
  2. A balanced budget amendment. The federal government may only borrow in times of national emergency which have been approved by 3/4 of the house of representatives. It must pay back any borrowed money within 20 years of its issuance. It must set aside no less than 5% of its budget to pay back the principle on any past debts.
  3. Congress must have a 'fixed' budget for special projects. Pork projects are part of the game of democracy.. as there are always special 'needs' that fall outside of the normal games. However, I would like to give each Representative and Senator a fixed allowance (like we do our kids) per fiscal year. They can wheel and deal that money between themselves as much as they want, but it is a fixed amount that once spent is gone for that year. The amount of money is approved by a super majority and is public knowledge.
  4. A line item veto amendment. Most states have this, and yes it does give more power to the Executive branch.. but it is also the tool with which to make sure that Congress is kept in check.
  5. Transparency in government spending. Make sure that your local, state, and other governments are transparent in how they spend their money. See if they can use the Missouri state software and website as a model for showing where every penny of taxpayer money is spent.
My general work for this election campaign will be to ask everyone I am voting for what their stand on these issues are, and how they are going to make them happen by 2010. If they can't or won't answer.. they do not get my vote... and even if they are elected.. I will continue to petition them on those items.

Well this has rambled on enough... the attendant is going to take me over to the sunlight for my nap time.