I love the pc speaker so much...

That I sneak into the University labs and install programs to play MIDI music versions of "Never Gonna Give You Up" when people log in. (pam_rickroll.so I love you so...) I think thats much better than a white-noise generator anyday.


Interesting Date Coming Up

Ok I haven't posted for a while.. been rather depressed and dealing with stuff at work still due my boss's death. I am starting to get past that and working on a couple of possible software projects.. depending on how much time I have. But more important, I saw that one of those weird dates in a life of a geek is coming up on February 13/14 (depending on where you are in the world).

[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @1234567890
Fri Feb 13 16:31:30 MST 2009

And in case you are wondering when the last long string like that occurred?

[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @123456789
Thu Nov 29 14:33:09 MST 1973
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @12345678
Sat May 23 15:21:18 MDT 1970
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @1234567
Wed Jan 14 23:56:07 MST 1970
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @123456
Fri Jan 2 03:17:36 MST 1970
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @12345
Wed Dec 31 20:25:45 MST 1969
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @1234
Wed Dec 31 17:20:34 MST 1969
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @123
Wed Dec 31 17:02:03 MST 1969
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @12
Wed Dec 31 17:00:12 MST 1969
[smooge@nausicaa ~]$ date -d @1
Wed Dec 31 17:00:01 MST 1969

Now the interesting question is? What strange things will occur on some systems somewhere when that second occurs... I mean this could be this years Y2K :).