How to know what generation you were born in.

So in 2011, I wrote an article about 'the generations'. Not much has changed much except the current buzz word in marketing is about the 'millennial'. The millennial's are doing this, the millennial's are doing that...

Before anyone starts wondering if this is going to be a 'get off my lawn' article, I have no problem with this. The Generation X thing was so past its expiration date what with even the youngest Generation X person now in their mid-30's. [And thus too old to be marketed to by most magazines and online-journalists.]

My main problem is that when people define where the cut-off for being a 'millenial' is. Depending on the article it ranges from being born from anywhere from 1980 to 2009. [I wonder if the discrepancy is to make sure the author of the piece is still in the 'young and hip' demographic versus being an old flake of the last generation.

OK for any person wanting to know what generation they or some ancestor 'belonged to.. here is a handy reference guide. Like my original article.. it is full of poop, because it is EuroAmerican and doesn't count the 10,000's of generations that various American Indian tribes had before someone tried to find a short cut to China by going the long way around the world. [It also doesn't count in the Norse colonies from the 900's or so.] Instead it uses the one 'defined' generation of the Baby Boomers as the counting point to start backwards and future with and then using X as the generation after that. It is cool that the Generation A would have been some of the first 'Americans'

Generation:  A 1550 -> 1567 (New Mexico 'colonies')
Generation:  B 1568 -> 1585 (St Augustine Fl and first known birth)
Generation:  C 1586 -> 1603 (Roanoke Island)
Generation:  D 1604 -> 1621 (Jamestown)
Generation:  E 1622 -> 1639
Generation:  F 1640 -> 1657
Generation:  G 1658 -> 1675
Generation:  H 1676 -> 1693
Generation:  I 1694 -> 1711
Generation:  J 1712 -> 1729
Generation:  K 1730 -> 1747 (The Founding Parents)
Generation:  L 1748 -> 1765 (The Revolution Fighters)
Generation:  M 1766 -> 1783 (The Last Colonials)
Generation:  N 1784 -> 1801 (The War of 1812 Generation)
Generation:  O 1802 -> 1819
Generation:  P 1820 -> 1837
Generation:  Q 1838 -> 1855 (The Civil War Generation)
Generation:  R 1856 -> 1873
Generation:  S 1874 -> 1891 (Greater Collapse of 1892 gen)
Generation:  T 1892 -> 1909 (Lost Generation of WWI)
Generation:  U 1910 -> 1927 (Greatest Generation of WWII)
Generation:  V 1928 -> 1945 (Silent Generation)
Generation:  W 1946 -> 1963 (Baby Boomers)
Generation:  X 1964 -> 1981 (Generation X)
Generation:  Y 1982 -> 1999 (Millenials)
Generation:  Z 2000 -> 2017 (the "not the last generation")
Generation: AA 2018 -> 2035 (rebuilders from the Unix Apocalypse)
Generation: AB 2036 -> 2063

So hope this is useful. [I probably need an app for this.. just to make sure the millenials get it... crap some kids are on my lawn again.. HEY YOU!!!!]