FUDCon Day -2->1

So I have been at FUDcon the last couple of days, but forgetting to blog as much as I should about things.

Day -2
I had flown in the day before from New Mexico to South Carolina. Nearly didn't as we found that Denver was on a multi hour delay and I would miss my connecting flights somewhere along the way. However SouthWest flight attendants found me an alternative route with 2 plane changes which I made and got to South Carolina. The last 10 minutes were fun as I was watching the clouds outside and seeing a lot of weird colours. However there were no bumps and it looked like the pilot was an ace as he got us down between tornadoes or something. My Dad picked me up and I got to spend my night in the house I grew up in while it rained and howled outside.

Day -1
Woke up to blue skies and low winds, so worked on a couple of things from the house until my Dad said "Are you leaving or not.." Forgot about the 2 hour time difference that my computer wasn't showing me. So we loaded up the car with lots of old equipment that had run Linux back in the day (really one of the boxes was the alternative build box from Red Hat Linux 4.2) Dad and I then went up the back roads from SC and got onto the Interstates without having to drive through Charlotte or some other congested areas.. We got into Blacksburg around 4 o'clock and found the hotel. It is a very nice hotel so we had a steak dinner and sat around talking with various other Fedorans that evening. Got a large hug from Maria 'tatica' which I got a ribbing from my dad on. I can never tell when he is joking still.

Day 0
The weather changed overnight and it got very very cold and windy. Found the conference area, checked in and realized that the dinner from last night had worn out. Bought a bunch of egg mcmuffins from McDonalds and shared them out to people around the meetings. Then sat in on a long meeting with the rest of Fedora Infrastructure about how to make workflows work. It took a while for everyone to get their various says out but I think in the end we have a better idea of what we want to do next week. Went back to the hotel to get the car and some grub, but crashed in a chair and found out it was 3pm. Went back and talked with some more people then met up with Valdis Kletnieks and Russ Herrold after 10+ years of knowing each of them. Had a good dinner with them but Russ's foot was killing him from the weather changes and I needed to fix a bunch of scripts for Dennis. Dad and I brought in the ancient hardware and got lots of ooohs and awes from people  who had not been born when the scsi array had been built. Got started working on the maps when I found that my quiet spot ended up with a lot of Red Hat old-timers.. spent the evening talking and never getting to the items. Went to bed around midnight

Day 1
Slept in a lot later than I expected due to setting the alarm clock for 7pm and not 7am. Went over to the meetings and sat in the end of a couple of barcamps. Talked with Greg dk for a short while but lunch started getting served so I ended up letting him do that (I don't know I guess food is important to people.) Spent some time with Pam Chestek and found out my Dad and her went to competing High Schools. Spent the afternoon working on some scripts and being reminded by Dennis that I needed to fix the maps. The raspberry pi demonstration was full up so I decided to walk dad back to the hotel so we could find some headache medicine for him. He ended up sleeping and I realized I needed to blog about all this. People are headed to FUDpub and such so I will continue in another blog in a bit.