Ansible RPMS are no longer in EPEL-7

Ansible packages are no longer shipped in EPEL-7 as they have been included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras (and similarly in CentOS-7 and hopefully Scientific Linux 7.4).

Systems which are either using Amazon Linux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux EUS release of 7.2/7.3 will need to get packages from Ansible directly using


My thanks to the Ansible Maintainer Kevin Fenzi for having the package inside of EPEL for the last several years.


Nagios being updated to 4.3.4 in EPEL and Fedora

It took me longer than I wanted, but I have gotten a testing candidate for nagios-4.3.4 in EL6, EL7, F25, F26, F27 and rawhide. This will fix the security problem seen in CVE-2017-14312.

I have made a couple of changes in the RPM also as rpmlint pointed out that the libnagios.a should be in the -devel package and that various contrib items needed to be packaged up in a similar package. I expect I missed something so please test and let me know so I can get this published as soon as possible.