Flock 2017: Day 0

Today (2017-08-28) was the day before the official beginning of Flock 2017 which is being held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  This is the first Flock I have been able to go in 2 years so it has been a lot of catchup with old friends.

The day started off pretty well with only the usual planes, trains and automobiles problems. The airport kept having dyslexia problems with sending people to gate C-12 for a flight at C-15, and C-15 for a flight to C-12. The attendants could not correct the problem because the airport runs the consoles. After an hour of calls and people running back and forth, the signs were finally updated 5 minutes before the flight was ready to board. Which then led to the next fun problem for the poor attendant. The plane we were supposed to fly had mechanical difficulties, and the airline had to do a last minute replacement with a slightly smaller plane. This meant that all the seats had to be moved around and new tickets for everyone. 

The plane flight was pretty uneventful, and when I arrived I ran into Zonker Harris who was headed to Walden Pond for a bit of sunbathing. This solved the trains and automobile problems and we took the Interstate and other roads to Cape Cod. The drive was uneventful though it did remind me that Massachusetts is the one state that makes turn signals optional car equipment and car horns extra loud.

Flock is being held at a nice Golf resort in Hyannis. The room I have is on the second floor and it was nice to hear Seagulls in the distance. For dinner I had a cod dinner at the inhouse bar, and tonight I am working on getting my Wednesday Flock presentations better pictures. 

This evening, I am listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd who are playing next door. I expect FreeBird will be the closing song.