Cleaning out old email

Well I ran out of email space at google... which means I had somehow collected 8GB or mail from lists, attachments and such. Looking at what I have kept over the last 8 years.. there is a lot of stuff I am wondering.. why am I keeping especially since most of it email kept on various mailman's and then replicate through many gmanes and such.

So it is time for the great email cleaning. If I somehow delete your email.. sorry. Happy end of the year clearance time everyone.


Things to remember

1) People are not rational creatures. We like to believe we act rationally but we usually just use rationality to excuse us not thinking in the first place. The primary thing we use rationality is to say "I THOUGHT OF THAT MYSELF"

2) People are social herd creatures. We end up saving 'energy' by making decisions based on what other people are doing. When you see every other organization doing something your brain gets stressed about "WHY AREN'T YOU DOING IT TOO!"

3) Marketing and sales is all based on using 1 and 2 in conjunction to get someone to do what you want them.

You can have the best widget in the world, but if not enough of the Herd is using it.. then "no-one" will use it. Not sure what this means.. but it been swimming around in the brain all day so I am writing it down.