How I deal with political blogs on Fedora Planet

I skip them :).


I agree with the right for people to say what they want as long as it does not harm others.. but Politics rapidly gets into the spot were our Ape brains start hooting and throwing jaw bones at each other. And watching monkeys through poo at each other isn't fun at the zoo, and it isn't fun to read. [And if you do find it fun to watch it.. well I have even less I want to read about.]

So in the end, if it turns out to be something political.. I skip it. It keeps me sane, and if you find yourself working yourself in a foaming lather because of some neo-conservative or social-progressive post.. its probably just a good idea to skip and go onto reading about things that matter...

like if Jesse's kid has gotten a root shell outside of parallels and is installing Fedora-X on Jesse's real computer.

Happy Birthday Fedora... sorry for being a grump.


Geek Gaming.. I feel old.

Wil Weaton's going down. I will definitely meet him in some backroom for a game of Nuclear War someday... see how well he handles Skippy the Wonder Virus and a 100 Megaton. But only chumps drink Dr Pepper.. you going to play NW, bring the Jolt. Of course if Wil Weaton can make Chuck Norris cry.. maybe I should think about it a bit more... [And hopefully he will be a GURPS GM who won't allow for min-maxing.]

Seriously... I realized that I haven't played Nuclear War in 15 years. I have all the decks and expansions in my closet. I guess I should see if I can get someone to remind me of the rules.. not that I have ever won a game. I think I am usually the first to go nuclear wipeout.. Heck I never even won a game of Gammarauders playing the Gammasarus.

Oh Mr Weaton, thanks for rule 17b, it really helped working with my kid on Talisman. And with that I should go back to working on GROT (Generic Roleplaying Omniversal Tasksystem).. a Creative Commons RPG :).


Greg! Can you dig it.

Because one good turn deserves another.. The GregDK theme song 0.3

Who’s the GPL public coder
That’s a hex machine to all the loader’s
Ya damn right!

Who is the coder that would risk his shares
For his brother man?
Can you dig it?

Who’s the cat that won’t page out
When there’s swappin all about?
Right On!

They say this cat Greg is a bad mother
I’m talkin’ ’bout Greg.

He’s a complicated coder
But no one understands him but his program