Geek Gaming.. I feel old.

Wil Weaton's going down. I will definitely meet him in some backroom for a game of Nuclear War someday... see how well he handles Skippy the Wonder Virus and a 100 Megaton. But only chumps drink Dr Pepper.. you going to play NW, bring the Jolt. Of course if Wil Weaton can make Chuck Norris cry.. maybe I should think about it a bit more... [And hopefully he will be a GURPS GM who won't allow for min-maxing.]

Seriously... I realized that I haven't played Nuclear War in 15 years. I have all the decks and expansions in my closet. I guess I should see if I can get someone to remind me of the rules.. not that I have ever won a game. I think I am usually the first to go nuclear wipeout.. Heck I never even won a game of Gammarauders playing the Gammasarus.

Oh Mr Weaton, thanks for rule 17b, it really helped working with my kid on Talisman. And with that I should go back to working on GROT (Generic Roleplaying Omniversal Tasksystem).. a Creative Commons RPG :).

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L said...

Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that you're reading Wil Wheaton's blog?