Four things you can do if you don't want to help test a Fedora alpha

  1. Figure out what you can positively help out with and just concentrate on that. I have found that in the past this is what I needed to do when I was sure that something was going the wrong way.
  2. Sit this release out. If testing isn't what you want to do, then stick with Fedora 14 til 16 comes around and you can help out there. Sometimes taking a vacation from things can make you really aware of what you want to work on and what you don't.
  3. Choose or make a different desktop. If Gnome 3 is not what you want to do, there are multiple other desktops to try and work with...
  4. Choose or make a different distro. There are multiple ones that may fit your personality and wants better.
Any of these are positive things you can do to make your life and others better.

[Edited to make the title clearer]