Tuesday 2011-10-04

Today was mostly fighting one of two things: F16-beta installing on a spare E-machine and trying to get a system that had been a xen box to be a kvm one. Took a bit but I realized my problem was that console=hvc0 doesn't work well with bootup.

After that I worked on the E-machine and found that its BIOS was so old it didn't know how to deal with GPT partitioned disks. Thankfully dlehman had a update.img that fixed this issue.. yeah! Since the system has only 1GB of ram, I installed the 32 bit at first.. and am now trying the 64 bit. The box is probably at the bottom end of what Fedora can support out of the box these days or a bit faster than that.

Oh and I voted for the next release name: Go Never.

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