Monday 2011-10-17

Today was mainly dealing with email. It is amazing how much piles up in 48 hours. Beyond that it was pretty quiet. I spent the afternoon getting bastion02 built as RHEL-6 on kvm. This was a lot easier than dealing with the bastion01 move.. I guess I had learned all the easy mistakes I could make.

Beyond that, I learned that changing passwords on Friday is a bad thing.. especially for passwords you only use once in a while. Sigh..

And for future reference
  • Apples - member of the Rose family (Rosaceae)
  • Oranges - member of the Ruta family (Rutaceae)

both of which are grouped one or two steps higher in the trees. So when trying to compare different things try for something like Mushrooms vs Oranges.

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Fanen Ahua said...

Apples and Oranges: A comparison