Monday 2011-10-24

Friday I went to Socorro, New Mexico to attend the annual alumni event, 49'ers, at New Mexico Institute of Technology and Mining. I went to this school a while ago and learned quite a lot about computers while trying to get my Physics degree. The school has changed greatly on the outside and somewhat on the inside, but it was a fun event. The students still complained about the same things and us alumni got to chide them on how hard we had it compared to them.

Saturday was another trip to Socorro, this time with the family. The dog enjoyed the horses, and I enjoyed the old cars. They had a lot of 1929 Model A's and I had the entire engine explained to me by a fan. The best thing was the showing of how pedal UI design has changed since 1929.

Having a gas pedal in the middle seems intuitive to some, but man it is hard to go from one car to another and drive them.

Monday's tasks were pretty simple.

  • Get blood taken for tests
  • 3 days of email backlog
  • Wash dog which rolled in something
  • Get app servers have same RPMS on them
  • Go to library about books
  • Find a coffee cup I want for Xmas

  • Blue Oyster Cult - Club Ninja
  • WCPE

(Edited to add: I misspelled pedal as peddle)


Anonymous said...

"The best thing was the showing of how peddle UI design has changed since 1929."


This one always seems bizarre to me; where do people _get_ the wrong spelling of 'peddle' from in the first place? The use of 'pedal' (as in foot controls) is way more common, these days, than the use of 'peddle' (which means 'sell', in the way that itinerant tradespeople sell stuff by wandering around and selling it person-to-person in markets or bars or door-to-door or whatever).

Smooge said...

I misspelled it and autospell chose that version. And then I didn't notice it.