2011-10-31 - Halloween

Well today was mainly catching up with email then getting the house ready for trick and treaters tonight (I might be giving away king size candy and needed to get another crate... next year I am just going to give away bags of powdered sugar.. its easier).

Worked on getting PPC systems ready for the transfer then got sidelined by a bunch of emails about other systems. I think I have them all cleared up.. going to need to make a todo list for tomorrow:

  1. Order tapes
  2. Get quote for new system
  3. Build ppc06->ppc09?
  4. Get quote for powersupply
  5. Get quote for sourceware systems
  6. Get RHN for sourceware systems
  7. Work with gnome admins on backups
  8. Play more with FC16.. 
F16 RC2 is running on the spare laptop. It is running "cooler" in that the system temperature isn't pegged at 97C like it was on the beta. However I haven't had enough time to see if in my normal workflow (thunderbird, firefox, openoffice, eclipse, xchat, lots of terminals). After that it will be "can I deal with the UI" layout. [I am ok if the UI isn't for me.. lots of things aren't for me. It doesn't mean I have to swear and complain about them.]

Well the doorbell is ringing saying trick or treat.. time to publish.

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