Thursday 2011-09-01

Well today is turning into one of those "why did I get out of bed" days. I could whinge on about it for a while but what does that fix? Trying to figure out the new blogger interface which just seems odd at the moment.

I have to find a new virtual system provider. My colocated system died a horrible death last night and is down to 1/2 of a RAID and 1/2 of a DIMM. The fact that it has survived 6 years in a closet in my old bosses house in Los Alamos is a wonder.  

  1. Lots of going back and forth between home and school today.
  2. Not as much email since I whacked a bunch accidently
  3. Saw how much disk space is in fedora-archive and how long it can take to do a sha256 on it
  4. Begin list of Compass goals for the year... now what did I get done again...

Not a lot listened to as I either had to answer silly phone calls from people trying to sell me stuff OR I was going back and forth to the elementary school.
  1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
  2. Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
  1. Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the Chasm

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