Monday 2011-09-12

Spent the weekend trying to get my old website moved to new cloud systems. The old box was a CentOS-3 system so.. its a bit of upgrade. Yes I am so far behind the curve I had a very EOL system on the internet.

Release time must be coming up because a lot of emails on lists are the "I would rather rant on someone else's broken stuff versus working on my own broken stuff" emails. I am getting better, my discard draft folder was emptied of 30 emails reminding people that "If you haven't anything gorram nice to say, then shut the frak up."

On the nice news.. IT IS FALL. The air has that nice aroma, the leaves are turning brown (we aren't New England so its Green->Brown with some Yellow for an Aspen) and I am feeling lively as a chipmunk.

  • A lot of email.
  • Play around building audacious for EPEL-6
  • Update F16 box.. the box only reboots cleanly if I turn off rhgb
  • Got a continual crash in rhythmbox playing WCPE so time for a new player
  • Compile audacious for EL-6 is fun. Got it working.. yeah
  • Kill/maim/exterminate db01.stg
  • Started a thread on devel which I hope was constructive

  • WCPE ogg (which killed rhythmbox)

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