Monday 2011-09-26

Today was mostly a catchup day. I went with the wife to early vote in our municipal elections, and then went to the book-store to look for some old sci-fi books. One of the things I learned was that living with a writer means book-stores are work and not fun.. which made my slow perusal maddening for her as she wanted to take a break.

After I got back, I learned how to do customer service by Keurig. My Keurig coffee maker had stopped working on Saturday and after trying descaling and some other things figured it was a broken pump. So this morning I expected a long phone call where I would have tobeg for a replacement. Instead I was helped by a cheerful lady "named" Dana who helped me figure out that due to the high altitudes of New Mexico, my coffeemaker was pumping grains up the "pin" causing it to block up. The fix was to use a small paper clip to clean out the tube and then run some cups through. After doing that a lot of grounds came out and I got coffee.. that made me happy. Dear Keurig, please hire more people like "Dana", she made my day. [I am not sure if she was really Dana or had a cover name.. but I enjoyed talking with her while waiting for the coffee-maker to go through the canister of water.

  • Email.. lots.
  • Play around with zif
  • Download and install RC2

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