Thursday 2011-09-08

Well today got off to a late start.. too many allergens and not enough benadryl. Or too much benedryl.. and not enough wakeup juice. Not sure which. When I got up I found I broke staging...

I upgraded my systems salt to 0.9.1 and ran into a long list of issues... mainly because I didn't have Cython installed and it wants it. Then some other ones that just seemed mid-devel issues.

  • Get db02.stg into rotation
  • Break staging in new and interesting ways
  • Fedora Infrastructure meeting
  • More playing with salt.
  • Work on retrace server

  • Miles Davis - Complete Birth of the Cool
  • Dead Can Dance - Into The Labyrinth
  • Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is
  • Allison Krauss and Union Station - Paper Airplane
  • Robyn Miller - Myst
  • Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Raising Sand

I am currently blazing my way through "Inside the Tornado" by Geoffrey Moore.It is an interesting read and is hopefully making it better at learning how to market stuff better. The funniest part is reading it as a book written 15+ years ago. Most of the companies written are either gone or changed greatly due to market changes. It is memory lane remembering the whole "Pen Tablet" craze of the early 1990's that died. I am reading the original version and should look at the revised version afterwords. The first startup I went to work for, Spyglass, bought copies for everyone to see how we would grow in the first Internet boom of 1995-1996. We ended up trying to be a Gorilla and ended up being kicked to Monkey status by our primary customer Microsoft :).

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