Friday 2011-09-23

Ok so I volunteered to be a rawhide wrangler. Will see what that looks to require and will start on it Monday. What I envision it to be is that for things that are broken in rawhide but are built/working in beta channels.. I would be there to build stuff that has gotten out of sink. So if 16beta has gnome-shell-3.2.0-6 and rawhide has -2 I build the -6 version and push to rawhide. The goal will be "make rawhide consumable as much as possible."

  • Try to get a vlan change for ppc11
  • Brick an APC power bar. Turns on you can turn on SSL before you upload any certificates.. which means it can't be logged in anymore.
  • Play around with zif. Don't brick the laptop this time :).

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a packaging policy making it a requirement to build for rawhide and then merge the pkg git into f-16 and then build it there. Most people tend to do that already but few of the gnome teams do. We sort of have this policy already in that I understand that rawhide should always have the same or later builds but they get around that through inheritance. Something like that should make rawhide relatively usable for those that want to do longer development