Friday 2011-09-23

Ok so I volunteered to be a rawhide wrangler. Will see what that looks to require and will start on it Monday. What I envision it to be is that for things that are broken in rawhide but are built/working in beta channels.. I would be there to build stuff that has gotten out of sink. So if 16beta has gnome-shell-3.2.0-6 and rawhide has -2 I build the -6 version and push to rawhide. The goal will be "make rawhide consumable as much as possible."

  • Try to get a vlan change for ppc11
  • Brick an APC power bar. Turns on you can turn on SSL before you upload any certificates.. which means it can't be logged in anymore.
  • Play around with zif. Don't brick the laptop this time :).
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