Thursday 2011-09-22

For some reason I woke up at 5am convinced it was Saturday. Convinced so much that I went to bed and when the wife and child asked me to get up at 7am I put on quite a whine. Well it turns out it is really Thursday, so I am off to figure out what needs to be done for the day.

Spent my free time while waiting for techs or puppet to run .. to install Fedora Beta-RC1. Found a long list of issues:

Issues with Brc1
  • KDE Desktop was non installable due to digikam issues (known)
  • Caused a crash by selecting and unselecting repos
  • Restarted the install and chose a minimal install
  • Did a "yum groupinstall kde --exclude=digicam --exclude=kipi*" and got items installed.
  • Got x running and decided to switch systemd to graphical desktop. [Made sure kdm was installed
  • Had the system switch to run level 5 (graphical desktop) and found I had 'bricked' the box. No X started up and the system had no gettys
  • Trying to get grub2 not to boot into this level didn't work and I decided it was late and time to just reinstall
  • Did a default click through install and system seems functional. Yeah something I learned from windows works... if things stop working, just reinstall

  • Got retrace02.fedoraproject.org on the net. Test day next week should be go
  • IBM called with new parts.. start the dance
  • Someone is doing a bumpkus load of reviews because my bugzilla mail is full
  • Fedora weekly meeting
  • IBM arrived and we played does this part fix the problem
  • Got a working PPC board and spend evening building it.
  • Sooooo close, and still stuck with needing to update blade bios

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