Wednesday 2011-08-31


A bit of a benadryl haze today.. pollen is up and I have the fuzziness that goes with it.

I am trying to track down a study I remember but can't find (so it may not exist). What I remember is a study that showed sarcasm/satire had the reverse effect on "undecided" voters than expected. Basically taking a group of voters and show them something like Laff-In or today the "The Daily Show" and you would see the following effects. People who backed the people being made fun of would be offended, people who were against agreed, and people in the middle would initially agree, but would later be more likely to vote for the ones who had been made fun of. [EG an undecided voter would be more likely to vote FOR Nixon after watching the Laff-In/Smuckers Brothers versus against.]

The theory was that people have brain circuits attracted to "power" and satire/sarcasm looks to be a weapon of the weak against the powerful, and so undecided people would be influenced that X was more power than Y. The reason I remember this for some reason was it was pointed out to me multiple times why my sarcasm never got me anywhere. [Of course it could be that I am horrible at sarcasm.. I have an almost Sheldon level of not getting it from other people, but that is a different blog post.]

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