Wednesday 2011-08-24

Todays email train on -devel and -test were pretty crappy. I did not respond because a) both sides are impossible people, and b) there is no win beyond going the f away.

Spent most of the day with Gnome3/F16 in either a virtual system or the spare laptop. The laptop was pretty speedy bu the virtual system is just painful. I spend a lot of time trying to right click or look around for something that should be obvious but isn't. I am sure there are keyboard shortcuts but I need either them to be painted on my keyboard or some printout to remind me. After 2 days of this my brain hurts and my frustration levels have not lowered. I will see if things get better by Friday and then see what to punt to.

Systemd is uhm interesting. Yes it has a ton of options but wow its spews out more information than I need to know most of the time. Its like typing 'ls' and getting 'ls -lctZ' and not knowing why stuff is coloured and blinking when all you wanted was to see what files were in the directory. I can see us having to write a SMIT to deal with this complexity.

This grumpiness was sponsored by the letter R, Z, and the number 9.

  • Morning Email Grind
  • Morning Fedora F16 update grind
  • Try to figure out if I missed some hardware somewhere

  • Anonymous 4 - 11,000 Virgins Chants for the Feast of St Ursula
  • Anonymous 4 - La Belle Marie
  • Altan - Another Sky

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