Tuesday 2011-08-16

Tasks worked on:
  • Get kid to school at ungodly hour of 0800
  • Really this much email? More filters needed
  • Google meetup with Seth and Kevin on cloud strategies
  • RHIT meetup on boring old conference phone
  • Put up ips for PDU's.
  • Give a fellow employee a nickel and tell him to get a real computer.
  • Corporate Training.
  • Remember that burning cd's to dvd disks works but do not play in player.
  • Do evening QA while watching 2nd season Big Bang.
    • Install works for default disk layout and custom packages.
    • Gnome 3 does not crash immediately.
    • Spock should beat lizard.
    • Gnome temperature runs as hot as it did with F15. (64 Celsius vs 42 in XFCE). Non critical (except to my lap :)).

Background Music
  • Pearl Jam - Yield
  • Tom Petty - Greatest Hits
  • Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
  • Pink Floyd - A Saucer Full of Secrets

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