Monday 2011-08-22

Good morning, Universe. I had a wonderful weekend working in the yard and visiting old friends. Didn't get much computer time which was probably a good thing.

Tasks for day
  • Email Doom. *1*
  • Get to labelling ports on our APC*3*
  • Deal with various APC issues
  • Spend the evening trying to get a system working, and decide that I am having a monday.
    • my xfce settings decided not to put a window around java applet so I could move it.
    • the system sees its disks in the uefi setting but does not show the LSI controller for me to edit
    • for some reason the RHEL-6.x kvm keeps capturing the mouse when I am sure it didn't... and then it can't find the up/down keys when it does that.
  • Decided I had hit my whine quota and needed to go do something else for a while.

Music for day *2*
  • Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
  • U2 - War
  • U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
  • U2 - The Joshua Tree
  • U2 - Rattle and Hum
  • U2 - All that You Can't Leave Behind
  • U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Notes for day
  1. Did I miss the memo that this was whinge fest weekend?
  2. It helps to plug in your earphones when you listen to music. I had to restart the queue after 2 hours of unexplained silence
  3. Power plugs these days are made so loose for safety reasons that I constantly have to get systems replugged in

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