Wednesday 2011-11-30

Started off the morning with page storm caused by a xen domU jumping ahead 30 minutes and then time stopping on it. This of course caused all kinds of problems with encryption and such. System could not be rebooted and had to be destroy/created.

Went Middle School shopping with the wife. I think we have found a good one, and will look more into it over the next couple of weeks. Had tea at Satellite Coffee.

Getting excited to be in Blacksburg Virginia for FudCon. One, I am bringing my dad. My passion for computers would not have been as wide and strong if my dad had not introduced me to a Heathkit 8008 system. I was told I couldn't get a bigger computer until I programmed it.. which I spent a whole summer getting it to do a little light show. My dad's friends would have these MicroVaxes running this thing called Unix (because VMS was for accountants as I was told at the age of 10 or so). He had a great time at SELF last year and Mom wants a weekend to herself so up we go.

Second, Blacksburg Virginia is home to Blacksburg Tactical Research Center which had some of my most favourite gaming supplements. Well it was 20 years ago. Now to see how their Open Gaming Supplement system works.

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