Been sick (2011-11-02 => 2011-11-08)

Tuesday night last week (2011-11-02) I got a horrible headache and went to lay down.. ended up getting some sort of "creeping crud" that was going around the neighbourhood. Spent most of Wednesday and Thursday laying in bed watching Economics lectures I had gotten earlier in the year as a present. I went to a technical school which at the time didn't have much in the way of softer sciences like Economics so it has been an area that is interesting but foreign. When Economists use the words like people are "rational actors" it means something completely different from what a psychologist would mean. I can see why it causes so much confusion with people. I also finished watching the lecture series on Chinese history, which was quite good but now I want to find out more details on various periods.

On Friday I got back to work and spent the day reading emails and getting quotes for new systems... and then spent the weekend sleeping for the most part. Went to a Magic show one day which was fun, but I was wiped out too much to try and figure out how the tricks were done. Monday was getting ready for the upcoming release. Do we have enough disk space (yes), Are permissions set correctly (yes), Did we correctly calculate the speed of a laden swallow (no). Tuesday was watching servers, going to some phone meetings, and ordering equipment I got quotes on last week. Ordered some Xmas presents for family and started to figure out what cards to send this year.

Today has been dealing with a lingering cough from the "creeping crud". It  goes from just a burble to something that sounds like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Work wise was a deluge of emails and deal with next years ordering cycle.

Finally for people looking at interesting ideas in computer games, I found this article fascinating. Glitch sounds like a game I would enjoy playing in or writing. Cooperative games have been more my pull. That said, I am actually trying to figure out the old Empire game.

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