Thursday 2011-11-10

Got an extremely good nights sleep last night. Thank you Theraflu :).

Spent the morning catching up with emails from the last couple of days. I had put a pile of them on my "will read when my head isnt' spinnie" and since it wasn't, they needed to be read.

Spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how many systems we use, where and why. Not a lot of fascinating work but one of those "hmmmm".

And today I got several emails of people who say they have read my blogs and wanted to know if I could advertise for them :). The answer is no. This blog is meant for making sure I write something weekly and to let my boss know I didn't die :). I don't feel right using it to market stuff.

On other news.. we have everything ordered for Thanksgiving Dinner. I just need to finish the gaming module off.

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