Wednesday 2011-11-16

Tasks for today

  1. Phone call with various people around the world on PPC systems
  2. Thanksgiving lunch with son.
  3. Finish off rsync's off Fedora 13 and Fedora 14 to archives. Will redo 14 after EOL. Will also work with dgilmore on a clean hardlink of the entire archive tree.
  4. Worked a bit on the Fedora Hosted FAD.
  5. Finished off a budget.
  6. Took a meme too far (with apologies to my friends in Ubuntu.. who are currently looking for eyebleach. Also apologies to anyone who uses the gimp professionally.. I butchered this badly.)
  7. Read about SOPA. Having seen how badly the current DMCA and similar rules are abused regularly.. I figure this will it even worse.
  8. Work out which systems I would abuse tomorrow.

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