2011-12-01 - Thursday

This week has been a mass of emails mostly about doing anything. If anything I have learned that some set of people and I are never going to agree (or it seems to move towards seeing each others point of view.) It is probably just better to put their emails in the "Read When I am NotDepressed" folder. I guess they do that to mine :).

It looks like there will be a snow fall of some sort this weekend in New Mexico... everything from storm of the decade to minor puffs of snow. I stocked up on Hobnob cookies and canned soup so will be able to make it through the day. That and a large generator should allow me to keep the laptops going while I play minecraft.

Putting a redundant power supply into a system caused it to crash out badly. Glad we had a redundant powersupply to fix that (thanks to AdamW for giving me that one). Then putting in cleaning tapes but forgetting to eject the tape in the drive already... just makes the day go round.

The day got crappy enough that the music went from Classical to the Doors to Evanescence to Metallica.

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