Voter Turnout for Fedora

I am very disappointed by the voter turnout for the elections. I will say that every time I vote for it, I am a bit confused by the voting system. I think for the number of possible voters in the system (4096) having something like "pick 3 out of 5" is going to be 'good' enough... or having a simple choose x candidates, or none-of-the-above. However, I read through the docs (once again) and figured out how to vote for people... and did it.

When I found out that only 250 people voted, I asked if we could get a breakdown of who voted.. I wanted to see why some people were more 'motivated' to vote than others, but forgot that such a question is emotionally charged (did Red Hat press people to vote? did dell.com press people not to vote? did a gang of wild gutsy gibbons come in and sway the vote?) Duh.. human emotions are hard, can I go back to hacking?