Odd problems in Fedora 9

  1. Mouse keeps jumping from left handed to right handed on home computer. The system will log in with a left handed mouse, and will continue to be so until the screensaver kicks in. Then it becomes a right handed mouse (and seems to be slower as if its doing a double shift of every mouse click). Nothing in the logs that I can find to say why.. The only way to fix it is with going into the mouse menu and telling it is a left handed mouse again. No idea what to file that under.
  2. Weird problem on laptop with NetworkManager. Either I fill up the logs with wlan0 disconnects when the box is on the wired network in the docking station.. or every now and then I get a bunch of killswitch logs and the rsyslogd gets killed by millions of NetworkManager messages.

    [Bug 448889] NM enters endless loop, floods /var/log/messages

  3. Had problems with my own virtual machines in my home directory versus in default place. Selinux was having some issues, but I worked with the selinux guys on a policy to do something different.. and it worked out fine. [I always go into a release to learn new things about Selinux.. so thats cool]
  4. I need to work on Fedora-Sparc it would seem... I am getting a Sparc box and I am not sure that I want Solaris11 on it :).