Fudcon Reports in reverse order

I am currently at Boston University after 2+ days and finally have some time to blog. It has been a blast.. and I have lots to cover in a couple of blogs probably Monday (when I get sleep.) I would like to thank Red Hat once again for making sure I could make it here. It was great to see so many people I only knew from IRC or had not seen since 2001 when I left Red Hat.

I will say that the most common comment that came to me when I ever met someone that I did not know "Wow, you don't look like anything I expected"
  1. Max Spevack is not 6 foot 2.
  2. John Puelma does look like Rick Astley
  3. Yingbull is not a Chinese Cowboy from Texas
  4. Seth Vidal is a really nice person :).