Red Hat Summit/FudCON final thoughts...

I was going to post a recollection of things.. but its been a weird week back at home (we have been taking the dog to the vet due to some skin sickness.).. so its all gone in my head now. I want to thank Red Hat for sponsoring me and I appreciate all the help people were on making sure I didn't get lost in Boston (I did once on the way to the hotel on Saturday.. some nice Boston University students helped me get to the train which while just outside of the Saturday place.. I somehow went left instead of right and ended up in lala land.)

I do regret not meeting Clint Savage, I have taken several courses from his employer Gurulabs and wanted to go over what they are doing in the future (also I want to get a hold of nice blue sillyputty they give out at the classes in Utah.. ). And I wanted to meet the CIO of Red Hat to go over how they are learning and using ITIL for methods.. but in the long run, I really really enjoyed myself, and will now get back to playing with cfengine/puppet/BfCFG2 for some projects.