Going to FudCon Boston!

Well it looks pretty certain that I will be going to FudCon Boston this year. I want to thank Red Hat (Max Spevack and Paul Frields especially) for making this possible this year. I would also like to thank my employer University of New Mexico, for letting me have the time off to do this.

I will be manning the Fedora booth for a good portion, and talking up EPEL with people. I am going through the old storage bins for classic Red Hat t-shirts. I hope they will be acceptable wear (I won't be wearing the Red Hat Mirrors shirt.. I am not sure anyone wants to know the size of my internet pipe whatever that means).

Hope to see lots of people who I only know via IRC and email.. plus see if I can finally get a finished version of my treatise on Red Hat naming history.. I got 2/3 of the way through last time and threw it away because it was getting rather repetitive and rather tall in the telling (in Jun 1998, the memo-list had another flame war about naming conventions... causuality listings were 1 developer and 8 marketing people. The smell of burnt pompadours filled the complex for weeks.)