FUDcon Day 2

So Saturday was Hackfest day where various people got together in teams and worked on what they liked. Some people worked on ARM hardware, others on cloud software, and others on HAM tests... and those were only the ones I could stumble past.

Earlier in the week I had slipped and fallen on the ice we had in Albuquerque, and my back finally seemed to decide it was the day to truly protest it. So I was not able to see most of the Hackfests, but I have heard that a lot of progress was done in many areas.

For me, I took a seat in the Infrastructure room, and began to pull in mirrormanager and how it works. While it will be a multi-month odyssey for me to get to the heart of this software, Matt Domsch was able to walk me through getting a patch made to log which set of mirrors was chosen first as the best possible mirror. Once this is deployed it should allow for us to get some statistics on whether clients are told local, ASN local, national, continental, or just random pick are the ones various ip spaces are getting the most. Hopefully it will allow us also to see when something comes up wrong or if we can improve spaces with mirrors.

At the end of the day, while everyone else headed towards the celebratory FUDpub experience and bowling.. my back decided it was time for me to retire for the night. So I layed down for a bit while the Vitamin I(brupofen) kicked in and then caught up on my posts for the last couple of days.

Thanks for reading. I am off to sleep.

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