Fedora 19 Alpha Testing. Welcome to the Sausage Grinder.

Fedora 19 is working through its build cycles with a release scheduled for early Summer of 2014. The current stage of testing is "Pre-Alpha" where QA and Release Engineering are working on getting a release for alpha testing. While Alpha is known to be the most rabid of candidates, it is also the most critical to test on the theory that the sooner bugs are located, the sooner they may be fixed (or worked around).

In order to help this out, I am going to sacrifice my laptop for the cause and put it through various installs as they are released. I am also going to try and log everything so that future readers can follow along if you want to.  

WARNING: Due to the nature of the test candidate releases I am using for these first blogs.. expect a lot of crashes and missing features. Also because these are throw away releases, I am going to use old school testing methods.. pictures of screens are taken by hand camera and will have all kinds of crappy artefacts in them. My wording also won't be Documentation Level standards.. but more like my usual crappy English.

In the end, I hope these turn out to be useful anyway.

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