FUDcon Day 0

Day 0 was the usual travel day to the event. This year I flew to Kansas City, Missouri via SouthWest airlines. The plane ride was fun and I got to watch all the crop circles that form in Eastern Colorado and Kansas from alfalfa farming. With the straight roads forming "walls" and a 3/4 circle then a series of smaller circles, there was a great pseudo Pac-Man game going on.. sadly my phone booted after we passed the site so I missed the image.  As we were landing at the airport I got to see a Jay Hawk fly across the field and snag something out of the grass (I am guessing a small mouse or something.) Again... no pictures in time.

Met Matt Domsch at the airport with various other Fedorans, and we went on search for a place to sit and eat. Around 17:30 local time, the van and an SUV arrived and we were whisked off to the Springfield Suites in Lawrence Kansas. The hotel sits near the river and has an inverted layout.  The main floor is on 3 and the floors go down from there. On the bottom floor there is an indoor pool and exercise room which various Fedorans used all through the FUDcon. [Clothing was mandatory in the hot spa.]

Got into the room and then went on a walk-about to find food which we found at the Free State Brewery. The beers looked rather good and people had a good time trying them. Afterwords I got to impress people when Peter Jones introduced me as his manager from long ago.. and everyone saying "You don't look as insane as someone would need to be that." Finally got back to the hotel and crashed for the evening.

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