FUDcon day 1

So day one of FUDcon was great this year. I woke up on time and got to the state of Fedora talk which I had missed by sleeping through the wakeup call, the phone alert, and my Dad telling me to get up (which he later remarked was just like my teenage years all over.)

We took the Redy2Party buses from the hotel to near Eaton Hall. As Robyn would remark later, we would eat in Eaton Hall and learn in Learned Hall. [You can't pay enough money for these puns people.] After the state of Fedora, we voted on the BarCamp talks we would want to listen to for the rest of the day. Sadly I continued a long running trend of every talk I voted for didn't make it to the list of final talks. Next year I expect people to pay me for what talks they want me to stay away from so that they have a better chance of making the schedule.

The talks in the morning were very good and I learned a lot about some new ARM server hardware from CalXeda.. which is good because we will be deploying a large number of the servers in our PHX2 facility later this month. Had a good lunch back at Eaton and listened to a series of lightening talks on upcoming features and software we might look forward to. After lunch I sat in on the EPEL discussion which boiled down to 7 years of EPEL being relived in 40 minutes as every argument/problem was brought back up. In the end, I think we realized we just have to make some sort of decision and let bygones be bygones.

On a brighter note, I enjoyed Dan Walsh's talk on the State of Fedora Security and learned many things I plan to inflict on my home network so that I can better learn Selinux. Finally I ended up on the "End of Spins and How Formulas Will Make Slice Bread Talk." Which was not actually the talk, but was how everyone thought of it afterwords (especially after...)

Pizza night. We ended up the evening doing Pizza and very very wonderful cupcakes. People played many games and drank some alcohol. Or something like that. I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm so missed most of the shenanigans.

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