Fedora Infrastructure Security FAD: Day -1

Today was mainly spent writing a paper... well attempting to write a paper on Password Security in Fedora. The process of writing seems to be the following:

  1.  Open up a text document in a simple editor. Over the years I found that writing first drafts in fancy office programs to make things worse as I spend hours trying to figure out which font to use, how large to make the margins, etc. etc. would derail the paper. For a simple editor I use Emacs .. well its not simple or small but it is a good OS while I look for a simple editor :).
  2. Get all the distractions of the day out of the way. That means read through my Facebook queue to find out if I have cat pictures to like, friends political posts to ignore, and family birthdays to say "Happy .." to. Go through the large Fedora email queue and find out which emails I need to answer and what tickets needs to get done. 
  3. Stare at the empty editor page for an hour. Try various first sentences and delete them. Realize you don't know where you will be meeting people tomorrow.
  4. Figure out where I need to go tomorrow in Raleigh. Red Hat moved offices during the summer and I need to get to the new ones in downtown. Go look at various maps to figure the best way to get to the offices. 
  5. Look intently at the empty page... put a bunch of ideas down for what should be noted in the paper and what should not. Go research some papers by Alec Muffet (the writer of Crack and other tools). 
  6. Get some tea.
  7. Take the ideas from the page and put them in a different file. See an empty page and type lalalalala for a while.
  8. Run out of the house yelling "You will never take me alive!!!!" For extra points remember half-way that clothes would be a good idea.
  9. Go back and start typing in the page. Get about 4 paragraphs done.
  10. Get a page about systems and go do steps 1-9 again.
  11. Remember that you needed to post a before the FAD post and go do that. 
  12. Go back to typing because you have nothing left to distract yourself for a good 10 minutes.

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