Fedora Activity Day: Day 2

Got up reasonably early, but found everyone had already been up for a while. Got some tea at the hotel Starbucks and got into our location on the 13th floor. Seth, Kevin, Toshio and Icon got to hacking pam_url and getting a working set in our staging infrastructure. Ricky Elrod, Nick Bebout, Clint Savage, and Sam Kottler worked on testing and helping where various issues came up. Around 10 am Ruth Suehle arrived and made sure that the whip was being cracked on blog posts... which well I was being lax on. After a suitable beating.. people were able to get back to work. [Ruth is a true professional, none of our fingers were broken so we could keep working.. and most of the bruising from the rubber hose won't show up for a couple of days.]

At around 12 am, Ruth also made sure we stopped what we were doing and got some food at another restaurant on the bottom floor of the Red Hat Tower, Dickies BBQ. The BBQ was quite good and we were able to get back quite fuller than we had been before. It was around this point a critical issue came up... we were having lots of success in the 64 bit environment, but two factor was not working in 32 bit systems. After the usual maligned suspects (wrong binary on wrong architecture, selinux, systemd and pulseadio **) had been discounted the afternoon was taken up with debugging and finding out what kind of coding issue.

By around 5:30pm, another break was taken as we went to local Italian restaurant, Gravy's for a fine dinner. On the way we were serenaded by MC Vidal and his remix of a Beastie Boys classic.

 I found out that beer at Oktoberfest is served in liter sized drinks and after 2 or three you can be quite toasted. I also learned what Salmon Ladders are, and how to get a killer interview with John Barrowman. There were other cool stories, but they paled and I forgot them. Eventually we had to go back, which was good because by this time several West Coast hackers were freed up on their day jobs to help on the debugging of the pam_url issue. [Thankyou rzhou, awilcox and all the others.]

It is 11:30pm and hacking is still ongoing so I am going to finish this post with photos of people today:

** Yes it is a joke. No systemd or pulseaudio rpms were harmed in the pursuit of this debugging.

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