Ketchup #2: Week in Review

Well the week has gone as follows:
  1. Turn in homework and realize I missed dealing with NULL input.
  2. Went to class and covered inheritence, good old linked lists, and today implemented a binary search.... good-times.. good-times.
  3. Worked on wumpus outline. I think I am going to try and do a classic 'BSD-games' in Java over Christmas break, and then work through the various Creative Computing games that I used to teach myself Pascal, Fortran, and Apple Assembly back in the day.
  4. Found a cool site for algorithms at lunch: LiteratePrograms. It probably has been there a while but I missed it on past surfing.
  5. Worked on work build scripts for CentOS-5/RHEL-5. Got them to grab and install files.. but need to do some testing.
  6. Dog went home on Sunday, but we will be adopting her. She should be coming to live with us in a week or so.