Ketchup #1: Labor Day weekend

This was a 3 day weekend in the United States which completely blew my normal routine. No class on Monday, and Tuesday was ketchup (catch up) with various computer security issues that had piled up over the weekend... especially with UNM not having a dedicated Cyber-Security group (just 2 overworked individuals and the mess of people running with their heads cut off trying to keep up).

Things I got completed were:
  1. CentOS - Dell LiveCD scripts. They are a pretty cheezy set of items, but should allow someone to build their own Dell linux cdrom with OMSA and firmware updates.
  2. More work on the new website... It will just be a moin-moin setup with some pass through for mailman, archives and downloads.. but should be done soon (say October maybe).
  3. Did some 'cleanup' of a neighbors computer. I really need to take a course on Windows spyware.. I am sure that my brain-surgery on their computer could have gone better.
  4. Moved into a new office at work. Moving phones costs over $80.00 so I am just using my old bosses number for the time being... time to update phone-books.
  5. Finished my assignment for CS-259.. went to class on Wednesday and realized I screwed up several items I should have not have missed. [Now to figure out why xxx-- didnt do what I wanted for some reason.]
Thats about it.. off to a meeting about DNS.