High School Reunion (the musical)

[I wonder what Disney will do with that in 20 years.. Gabriella ended up married to Ryan after Zach and her went to different colleges... Zach and Ryan have a sing/dance fight over her.. but run out of breath and collapse. Gabriella leaves with Chad who had been married to Sharpay but had been left with their 2 kids as she pursued her future in Broadway.]

Well my 20th High School reunion occurred this weekend, and I was unable to attend. Its funny, most of my memories of high school seem to have been tinged with dread, fear, or boredom (probably the feelings that cover most people's memories of High School).. but this summer I was actually hoping to be able to make it out and see people. I got some emails from people I had not heard from in years.. and it was really nice to hear from them. I wish I had been more self-confidant back then.. as I probably would have been a better friend versus the pseudo-goth (well I couldn't afford black clothing, but listened to much of the same Cure music as the goths) who lived in the library and the chemistry lab. To the people who made it, I salute you.. and hope you had a fun evening.

One of the funny memories that came up this summer was how many chemicals and the quantities our Chapman High School had... most of them had been given to it by the various textile labs as they had either closed down or were needing to get a tax right off. A lot of it was pretty 'useless' to a high school lab as it would take close to 100 years to use up the 1kg of pure sodium and potassium we had. Add in the large containers of every caustic acid used in textiles and it is amazing the school building did not spontaneously explode (especially when all of it was stored in a small closet with only passive venting in it). I am guessing most of it was disposed of after September 11th (if not before then) as having that much material in an unguarded depo was silly.