Got Dog?

Yesterday we started dog-sitting a 4 year old German Shephard mix to see if we wanted to adopt her. The current owners are out to a wedding, and have been having to travel a lot so would like to find some people who could spend more time with her. Her name is Casey, and she is a pretty big dog.. but really really lovable. On every walk we have had, she has had to say hello to every dog even the ones growling at her. She just lets them sniff and or rolls over to play "beta" which is funny when she as the 40kg dog did it to the 4kg small poodle.

Right now she is sleeping in the living room. The family loves her quite a bit... well except for the cat. Pascal the cat is an alpha cat who once went after a stag deer who got on our porch when we lived in North Carolina. I am quite sure she thinks she is 50kg versus 5 kg, and quite happy to show anyone who comes into her territory... which Casey did. Currently we have a small barrier seperating the two... until some sort of peace comes up.

Updated (2007-09-14T21:20+0000): Pascal in order to show who was the boss just came out and walked over to Casey's dogfood and ate out of it while Casey looked on. Then Pascal looked over at Casey if to say "Oh wait you are still here?" and went back to her room.