FUDcon NA 2011... Gaming

So today I was reminded that FUDcon was 10 days from now. WHAT 10 days?!?!!?!

Last year I ran a D&D event on the last night of the Con which went ok.. but I really wanted to do better this year. I have had all these ideas in my head about what to do, but it would seem putting them off for other things. [And spending 2 hours learning the Neverwinter Nights editor to map out the town doesn't really count because I just went and played NWN instead.] Ok so what to do, what to do...

Well first thing, what is the idea? Since it will be all levels of players I would like a prewritten module in the style of the ones that I played as a youth.

  • A4. In the Dungeons of the Slavelords
  • T1. Village of Hommlet.
  • U1. Sinister Secret of Saltmarth

And secondly, about the game systems.. there are several "open source" games but none that I am really familiar with enough to teach others with. Plus the fact as a game designer, I am always ending up fiddling with the bits here and there. Of the semi-open source games, D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder seems to be the best out there. [I doubt the OGL could pass the Debian legal test so I figure it is semi-open.] So the module will be written up using the D&D 3.5 SRD and some mayonnaise from Pathfinder.

Then I remembered.. hey wait... I need players and they might want to play something specific... so its time to ask. [It puts me off writing anything for another 24-48 hours :).]

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