FUDcon {Day -4 => Day 3 }

Sunday: Work over what netapp infrastructure changes need to happen on Monday.

Monday: Help a user with an account issue. Clean up and find various items. Spend Monday night moving to new Netapp infrastructure. We have lots more fast storage.

Tuesday: Go through audit logs (selinux + auditd for the win). Centralized logging of items really helps.

Wednesday: Pack. Try to decide if I want to blog about detrimental blog posts. Decide that lack of sleep has made me rather hostile and peeved.

Thursday: Try to fly out but have to wait for snow bound plane to get things done. Get to Phoenix and find that servers knew I was coming. Spend afternoon and night fixing boxes.

Friday: Go to collocation. Prove that IBM Power computers HATE me. Long story short... Power system A has never worked. Power system B stops working. Power system A starts to work and I am so happy. Try to fix system B and system A stops working. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Saturday: Lots of cool talks. All of the ones that I wanted to attend keep getting done at the same time. But I have lots of fun. Spend evening trying to find vegetarian food for other people. FUDpub was fun but I am not really good with crowds anymore so spent evening working out items.

Sunday: Got to morning presentations and found that many of the items I wanted to do were all at the same time. Ended up doing a quick infrastructure meeting and a talk on Fedora Engineering next big things. Then spent a but load of time working on what blue sky governance issues we could deal with.. [this was started by Toshio and it was cool that a lot of things I wanted were similar. After we got 10 other people on it though we ended up with something else.. but ok.] Spent the evening reading/writing infrastructure issues and then playing some board games.

To Do Monday: Hope to meet with Cristoph Wickert to clarify communication problems I have had and clarify points. Got 1 infrastructure meeting, 1 board meeting, and 3 other meetings. My luck they will all be at the same time.

Thank you to Google and RackSpace for providing various events. It really helped get me working on 2-4 hours sleep.

Things I wish I had time to do:
  • Learn scribus
  • Learn gimp (tatica did a cool tutorial.. will have to watch the video)
  • Learn inkscape
  • Figure out how to fix EPEL.

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