Listening to Norwegian Radio

So most of the time I listen while I am working at home, I am listening to WCPE Classical Radio. It is a habit I got into when I lived in North Carolina, and I am so glad they have an OGG stream for me to keep up with them. However today I thought I would try some new and been listening to various radios listed as NRK in the Rhythmbox Radio section.

NRK P1 has been where I have been today. Its an interesting mix of old jazz, American country and I think some pop music (though today's American Country isn't that much different from American Pop.). It is funny but I can see why Norwegian is said to be the easiest language for English speakers to learn.. I actually sort of understood the last DJ piece on David and Victoria Beckham.. though I probably got most of it wrong.

NRK P2 seems to be classical music (or at least every time I tuned in). The NRK Alltid Klassick is also nice to listen to. I think NRK Alltid Nyheter is a talk/news radio. Anyway it is a nice change.

[I like Absolute Radio also (used to be Virgin radio), but today I wanted to listen to some stuff where I didn't understand a word of the DJ's.]

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Unknown said...

NRK P1 is a channel targeted at adults (with diffrent shows etc).
NRK P2 is the "Culture Channel".
NRK Alltid Klassisk is litteraly translated "NRK Always classical".
NRK Alltid Nyheter is translated as "NRK Always news" ;)

So there you have it, enjoy Norwegian radio. :)